"White People in This Country Need to Leverage Their Privilege in Subversive Ways."

-Reverend Paul Robeson Ford

At this moment, many of us are feeling that we need to learn more and do more to advance racial equity, justice, and educational equity.

We created this website as a resource to our community to be able to get connected to the individuals and groups doing the work on the ground in Winston-Salem.

If you want to have an impact TODAY, give money to Black-led organizations or remote learning centers.

Do more. Learn more about Racial Equity and Justice or educational inequity in our community.

If you want to do something long-term, get involved in local Racial Justice organizations or volunteer in education based organizations.


We are a Community.

Support the Work.



Justice is what LOVE looks like in public. - Cornell West

Nobody's free until EVERYBODY's free. - Fannie Lou Hammer