#BLM - Racial Equity in WS

At this moment, many of us are feeling that we need to learn more and do more to advance racial equity and justice. While the movement is nation-wide, the issues are all present here in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, NC. One of the most important things that white allies/co-conspirators can do is support Black leaders, Black-led organizations, and Black lives.

If you want to have an impact TODAY, give money to Black-led organizations.

Do more. Learn more about Racial Equity and Justice.

If you want to do something long-term, get involved in local Racial Justice organizations.


"White People in This Country Need to Leverage Their Privilege in Subversive Ways."

-Reverend Paul Robeson Ford


We are a Community.

Support the Work.


Below, Equity Forsyth has listed some local, Black-led, grassroots organizations in Forsyth County.

Learn more about these organizations here.


Forsyth Freedom Federation

Hate Out of Winston


Housing Justice Now

Island CultureZ



Winston-Salem Local Organizing Committee