Repeal HB972 & Veto 168

The recent arrest at Cooks Flea Market in Winston-Salem has brought to light legislation that needs to be changed and vetoed in North Carolina.

NC House Bill 972 is the legislation that was signed by then-Governor Pat McCrory with the express intent of "protecting law enforcement." It is the community that needs protecting, and it is the community that is rightfully - both long before George Floyd was viciously murdered by racist killer cops, but certainly since - demands transparency in police-citizen interactions.

We are calling on every justice-loving citizen of Forsyth County - and the state of North Carolina - to begin a campaign to REPEAL AND REPLACE NC Bill 972 (and more immediately, join the demands of the protesters who have been camping outside Governor Cooper's house for days urging him to #VetoSB168 that includes provision in the same spirit as NC Bill 972).

Further, as we look towards the Fall Elections, this needs to be an election issue for EVERY CANDIDATE running for the State House, the State Senate, Attorney General, or any county or state-wide law enforcement office. The simple question that needs to be asked of every candidate:

Where do you stand on Repealing and Replacing NC Bill 972?

Here's a sample letter for you to send in support to local and state government:

Good afternoon Forsyth County Delegation and Governor Cooper,

I am writing today to ask that the General Assembly and state move to improve transparency in police interactions with the public of N.C. by taking the following steps:

  1. Repealing and replacing HB972. This bill was regressive at the time it was signed into law, and it tragically "out-of-step" with the moment we are in right now, as it makes the video and audio recording of law enforcement dashboard and body cam footage non-public.

  1. Vetoing SB168 and any similar bills that would prevent records involving deaths in the custody of law enforcement, including prisions or jails, from being fully public.

  1. Passing further legislation to ensure trust, transparency, and communication between the police and community they serve.

Body cam videos, records, and other evidence of arreasts or deaths in law enforcement custody should be able to be released by local officials AND the general public should be able to request to see said evidence. Both law enforcement and the general public are far bettwe served by transparency, by bringing to the light facts of any law enforcement encounter with citizens. In a divisive time like the one we are living through now, you should all be able to find consensus around this important issue.

We need to increase transparency at this moment, not make it more difficult.


Suggested Recipients:

Derwin Montgomery : District 72 :

Evelyn Terry : District 71 :

Sen. Paul Lowe : District 32 :

Rep. Debra Conrad : District 74 :

Rep. Donny Lambeth : District 75 :

Rep. Lee Zachary : District 73 :

Sen. Joyce Krawiec : District 31 :

Gov. Roy Cooper :